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15 October 2017

What is witchcraft? Who is a witch?

Benebell Wen introduced a topic that got my cogs turning...

I was moved to make the following comment -
From my perspective, witchcraft is anything that uses intention to influence or change reality, be that religious prayer, channelling reiki, visualisation, burning a candle...
For the person making the intention, however, it’s only witchcraft if they identify as a witch.
By the same token, if someone identifies as a witch, they are a witch. I don’t care if they don’t display any of the characteristics I personally would associate with witchiness.
It’s a mindset, a way of being. By consciously adopting a particular way of connecting with reality, however you perceive it, you become part of that reality.

I noted that these were just my very quick thoughts on the subject and that they'll need refinement. For instance, I think I'd drop the "consciously" from that last statement. But hey, it's a start.

I identify as a witch.

I was "witchy"as a child. But of course, I wasn't aware of it. I didn't even feel particularly different to other kids. It was just the way I interacted with my environment. It was only as I got older that I noticed that other people didn't always respond to things in quite the same way I did. And later still before I discovered labels to apply to my "responses".

As a young adult, looking for my place in society, I decided it would be best to steer my mysticism into something fairly mainstream so as not to be completely on my own. This was many years before the internet, with its easy access to more "fringe" communities.

I eventually settled on Liberal Quakerism, with its unprogrammed worship and emphasis on the Inner or Inward Light. And I was very happy there for quite a few years.

But over time, my focus shifted back to more solitary mystical practices. And now here I am today, practising witchcraft and calling myself a witch. And old enough to be quite comfortable with being "on my own".

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this subject, so if this has gotten your cogs turning, please comment.

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05 October 2017

Response to "Determining death with Playing Cards Cartomancy"

Angelo Dicostanzo is a playing card reading virtuoso. If you want to discover how reading playing cards works, watch any of his videos.

In his most recent video, he discusses a situation in which he was asked to determine how someone would die. Normally this is something he would not address (nor I!), but in this instance there were very special circumstances, and the resulting spread was too good an opportunity for learning not to share, on YouTube and in his group on Facebook - The Magic of Playing Cards.

And I want to share my "interpretive process" for this one, as well - as an example of how someone who comes from a different card reading background, with different meanings, and who doesn't even have a meaning for one of the cards, can pull it together. If I can, anyone can, is basically what I'm hoping to get across. 🙂

But I don't want to spoil the impact of Angelo's excellent video, so please watch it first before you read my scribblings...

Watched it? Brilliant, eh?

So, here's how it went for me. 😏 The first thing that jumped out at me was the 9 of Hearts. This is my "Great joy or Good event" card, but traditionally it's thought of as the Wish card - you will get what you've been wishing for. As death doesn't quite fit into the great joy/good event category, I decided this card was showing that the person will die they way they want to.

At this point my rational mind piped up and said "Most people want to die in their sleep". That seemed reasonable, so I looked to the other cards for confirmation... "Mmm, they're not saying that."  Let's pick them apart.

The Jack of Spades is my "False friend". Someone with negative intentions. Not aggressively malicious like the Queen of Clubs, but someone who's "not right", as my friend would say. And traditionally, the Jacks can represent thoughts, so here we have negative, misleading, perhaps sinister thoughts.

Then there's the 5 of Clubs. If you follow my blog you know that I read a with stripped deck of 32 cards, the lowest being the 7s, so I don't actually have a meaning for the 5 of Clubs. But I follow lots of readers who do use all 52 cards, and I've picked up a few things. When confronted with a card I don't "use", I consider its number, in this case 5, which for me is a number of Disruption, and the suit, Clubs being the suit of Actions. So this is disruptive action.

It began to dawn on me that this was heading in the "not natural causes" direction. I was hoping what I was looking at was assisted suicide.

But.... Why the dark presence of the Jack of Spades, when, ideally, assisted suicide is an act of love and respect? And the 5 of Clubs? True, even at best, such a death would be disruptive, but it seemed there was more to it...

The Jack is looking directly at the 5 of Clubs and on to the 9 of Hearts. And acknowledging tradition again, 5s can signify a hand. This was someone with negative thoughts, or thoughts perceived by others to be negative or misguided, taking direct, disruptive action - death by their own hand - to achieve their desired outcome.

God be with them.


In conclusion, I hope that demonstrating how I negotiated my wobbly way through this trying reading will encourage you to approach your readings with flexibility and creativity. Like I said - if I can do it, anyone can.

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01 October 2017

It's October! It's...

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YouTube - The Art of Lenormand Reading: The Context

"Lenormand Extraordinaire" Alexandre Musruck explains why context is everything in a reading, and how to apply context successfully.

Magnifique, Alexandre!

And this goes for all types cartomancy, not just Lenormand.

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27 August 2017

In praise of the Grand Tableau (again)

This is my favourite way to read playing cards.

Skatkarten, Französisches bild - ASS Altenburger

Ok, it's easier for me because I only use 32 cards, but you can count cards to get just 32 or 36* for a spread.

And I don't attempt to read every single card. I just home in on the interesting stuff. Laying all the cards out gives your deck the opportunity to hit you with some really juicy clusters and juxtapositions.

For instance, I've clearly left it too long to do a spread like this for myself because I'm sitting - Queen of Hearts - right at the bottom of the spread with all sorts of “stuff” going on over my head. And look at that line of three Aces with me staring intently at the bottom one. In fact, you could see that whole column as a situation “between” me and my Significant Other - King of Hearts – at the top of the spread. Who are those two Kings in the middle of the spread and what is their interest in the 8 of Spades? Perhaps the cards above can tell me more about them. And if you place a special significance on the first three cards of the spread, what might two 9s plus an 8 of Diamonds tell you?

There’s so much potential in a Grand Tableau – it’s entirely up to you how much time and energy you want to put into it.

*For 36 cards - take a 52-card deck and count by 3s through the deck, discarding cards 1 and 2, and placing #3 to the side. Repeat until the deck is exhausted (you'll have one card left over, discard it, and a pile of 17 cards). Take the discards and repeat the process - now you'll have two extras and 28 cards selected. Repeat one more time, so 3 times in all (the magickal 3 x 3 effect) and you'll end up with 36 cards and no leftovers - a nice symmetry.

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06 August 2017

YouTube - Dmitry Korolev: Les Fiancées (The Fortune-Telling Game of Patience)

Dmitry Korolev presents Les Fiancées - "The classic French fortune-telling game for probing the difficult relationships - along with some history chatter!"

I have a real soft spot for these "everyman" spreads. I think many of us, especially in the UK and North America, think we're somehow special, perhaps even spiritually advanced because we Consult The Cards™. But in other parts of the world, many people spread the cards for themselves quite ordinarily and unpretentiously. It does my heart good. 🙂

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29 June 2017

Repost - Fate Keeps on Happening: On Ethics

The incomparable Stella (aka Fennario) is on form.

Ethics. I don't care how "professional" you profess to be (see what I did there?), you either have them or you don't.

...card reading ethics are the same as regular ethics...

On Ethics

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18 June 2017

My mother can use Sibilla better than I can!

Back in April I took part in an Instagram tag called #sibillaprile, where we looked at the Italian Sibilla card meanings and used the cards for daily draws and short readings.

At the same time I was beginning to try to communicate with my mother in order to resolve past issues (daughters, mothers - there's always issues). So I invited her to speak to me through the sibilla cards.


She took over! No matter what I pulled cards about, she was in there. I'd be like "How the heck does that relate to--?!... Oh. Hi Mum."

So we came to an agreement. I would have a card conversation with her every morning, and she would leave my cards alone the rest of the time. So far that seems to be working.

But dang! if she isn't better at using the cards to get her point across than I am at interpreting them. And she was never into cards when she was alive. How does she do that?

And here is a prime example that I just had to share with you. Yesterday was our granddaughter's first Communion (that side of the family is Catholic*). That morning I asked Mum if there was anything she wanted to talk about and La Fedeltà fell out. So I put it back in the deck, shuffled a bit more and then pulled the two cards before and the two cards after that card in the deck. I noticed that the next card was Donna maritata, the mother card, so I put that down as well - it seemed to be saying "Listen to your mother".

There was to be a garden party/buffet after the event, and I knew it was going to be a very hot day, so I took this to mean keep an eye on the granddaughter (Bambino-La Fedeltà) so that she doesn't overdo it (La Leggerezza: recklessness, Disperato per gelosia: get frazzled) at the party (Allegrezza al cuora). I also noted the tent and hat in la Fedeltà - stay in the shade.

I often check the card on the bottom of the deck for extra details, and this time it was Ammalato: Sickness.

Soooo, guess who got heatstroke, was violently ill all yesterday afternoon and evening, and had to take to her bed. Yep. Me!

I should have known the message was meant for me. I am my mother's Bambino after all, and she even appeared at the end of the spread.

To top it off, when I made a note of all this in my journal, I wrote that I was "sick as a dog"...
Oh haha, Mum, very funny.

*Apologies for the distancing tactic, but it matters to me, and I didn't want anyone to get the wrong idea. Frankly, whenever I witness a Catholic ritual, I can't help but notice how much it resembles witchcraft. I mean - candles, bells, incense, recitations, transubstantiation... Just sayin'. 😉 

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04 June 2017

YouTube - Kerwin Rae: How Intuition Works

I'm not sure I necessarily accept his "scientific" explanation, but the way he describes the process resonates with my current perceptions. At the very least, you might find it a useful analogy.

Please feel free to comment with your thoughts. Or just think them at me - I'll try to pick them up. 😉

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01 May 2017

Repost - Andy Boroveshengra/néosfortune: The Final Word or The Heart's Spade

A lot of good pointers in this example! Be sure to read the notes as well.

image source: Andy Boroveshengra, néosfortune

Andy is one of the best. He's published my favourite book on Lenormand, and his Tarot de Marseille book is coming out in October. 👍 

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